Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things I Found in the Spring (Autumn) Clean

I must say I had a wonderful day cleaning out cupboards and drawers which took way longer than it should of as I kept stopping, reading, reminiscing and occasionally shedding a tear.  But mostly it was a day full of wonderful memories.  This little vest was my first discovery.   I remember making it for Shannon whilst I was working in Cairns for two weeks...and amazingly I found this photo of her wearing it.  This photo was taken on the occasion of their baptism.

Then I uncovered my dad's "Motorist's Record Book".  Dad would write in this book every time...and I mean every time..he bought petrol.    It seems to begin in about 1982 when petrol was 40c a litre and I think this coincided with the purchase of the Holden Commodore.
 Speaking about Dad, I came across this card Shannon had made for grandad..absolutely priceless find:
In amongst some papers, I found a copy of a creative writing magazine where some of Liam's early writings were ;published:
This post could go on many forgotten treasures were unearthed..but will finish on this email from Liam which he sent to Shan and I after competing in the Gold Coast Half Marathon in 2004.  It bought back memories of the finish of the half marathon and I was feeling pretty weary and was beginning to wonder whether it was all worth while.  I suddenly heard Liam calling my name from the stands next to the finishing line.  His presence there was totally unexpected.  It made me feel like a champion and when I found this email, the memories of that wonderful day came flooding back.

That's it..Time to put the stuff away and get on with the cleaning.

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  1. sniff....sniff...I needed the tissues...I love finding treasures like these....