Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New CD

I was listening to the Music Show with Andrew Ford the other Saturday morning and heard an interview with Tim O'Brien.  I liked his music and I liked what he had to say.  It was an archived interview from the Blue Mountains Folk Festival.  Not having bought a new CD for a while, I had no hesitation in checking out Amazons..had a bit of listen to the a few reviews and clicked on 'pay now'.  It arrived on Friday and has been delighting me ever since.  Pretty well a 'love it' from the start and that is always a good sign. 

Just had to share the blurb on the CD: 
" I called some friends together and we played this stuff without a lot of thinking.  It felt good doing it - whatever else happens is gravy.
My dad's gone but I see him smiling"
And another little quote:
"Dedicated to the memory of Frank A O'Briend Jr who often said "I have never had bad ham.  I've had some that's better than others, but I've never had bad ham" 
Bit like life, actually.


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