Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday at Holmwood

 On Sunday, I took a drive in the country to visit my friends, Anne and Gary, who are about to move to their new home on their property at Thornton, about 20 kms from Laidley.  Their new home, designed by Gabriel Poole is just about finished.

 It looks sensational.  Anne's mum (Jessie) is moving to Holmwood with them and has her own little part of the house. 

Anne and Gary are growing lavender on the property...and maybe the sign down the road is an indication of what they will turn their little bit of heaven into.

As well as this gorgeous house, Holmwood also features:
 a pizza oven!

a swimming hole (or a paddling one at any rate!)

and self-contained accomodation for guests (meaning me!)
 Continuing with the lavender theme, I couldn't resist buying them this door mat from Peter Baker Finch at Annerley.  
 Anne and Gary on the lavender mat:

Me (and nearly Addy) on the lavender mat!

Addy had a wonderful day and rather fancies herself as a farm dog now.

Needless to say, a super day was had by all..and I wish Gary, Anne and Jessie loads of happiness at their new home.

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