Sunday, May 29, 2011

Faux Fur for Homeless Dogs

Just thought I would share a good deed.  My friend at work has made these cosy dog coats for the homeless dogs being cared for by the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.  This is the second lot of  jackets she had made for the dogs awaiting a new home.

 Just a bit of background to the Animal Welfare League:

 The Animal Welfare League of Qld takes care of approximately 10,000 strayed and abandoned animals a year throughout South East Queensland. The AWL receives no state or federal government funding, relying predominantly on the community for support. It is through the continued support of the community that we will achieve a brighter future for every companion animal in need.  \\
But just couldn't help sharing this gorgeous 'family' photo of my friend's pets..the dogs looking very glam in her creations.


  1. How cute are they, what a wonderful thing to do.
    Tell me does she put wadding in to the little jumpers? I have pieces that would be big enough let me know and I take them to the shop on Tuesday.


  2. some people are so selfless.....thank goodness...

  3. Thats such a great thing to do. I think her cats look very put out though? hows your jelly stars going? I have finished one full star and very happy with it. will post it soon.