Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sydney Launch

I decided just a few weeks prior to pop down to Sydney and surprise Liam on the occasion of the launch of his new book of poems.  The launch took place at Glee Books and I am quite sure Liam and his friends got a shock when I wandered up the stairs.  Vagabond Books, through the Rare Object Series, have published more than 50 short collections of Australian poetry since 1999 to the present.  Liam was fortunate to share the launch of "Career" with Felicity Plunkett's Seastrands.  Felicity and Liam read several of their poems and we all shared a nice glass of wine.  How special it is to hear poets read their own works, and hear the stories that lead to the poems.
The little anthologies are indeed "Rare Objects" and are all signed and numbered with a limited print run.

The afternoon didn't end with the launch.  After a drink and a game of ping pong at a very cute bar up the road from the bookshop,  (I didn't play ping pong!)..(photo of Liam and I watching the playing of the ping pong).......

  we headed off to the Red Chilli Restaurant. Now that was an experience. 
Our cooking pot of very hot (chilli) stock
What we cooked in the pot of very hot stock!

 One would think that would be enough to celebrate the launch..but no..we headed off to Chocolateria San Churro for a hot chocolate - Spanish style.
Thanks to Libby, Lucy and Elrig for making the afternoon/evening so special (and Liam for being such a fine poet!). Just have to give Shannon's friend, Phoebe a little mention here.  She made the fabric necklace I was wearing and  I get so many positive comments whenever I wear it.  Another talented young person and you should check out her blog.



  1. that Spanish Hot Chocolate does look rather D-vine!

  2. I picked up a coffee from THAT San Churro today...hehehe...

    xo Steph