Thursday, September 30, 2010

Same but Different

My very first post related to the quilting course I did with two special friends at Patches.  Eventhough the sample quilt involved the same techniques, the course produced very different results..just with the choice of fabrics.  I wanted something to tone in with my Laura Ashley blue themed living room and Anne wanted something to suit her newly upholstered lounge which will shortly be moving to the Anne and Gary's new home on their property outside of Laidley. 

This is my quilt top.  I am very happy with it, despite the fact that on lesson 4, I left all my fabrics at home and had to make a hasty decision to purchase some extra fabrics.

And this is Anne's:

Gorgeous, hey?

I am still awaiting photos from my friend, Liz, who produced a really contemporary looking quilt..

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