Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh What a Lovely Quilt!

My friend Anne has just finished this beautiful quilt top for her mum who is in her nineties.  Not that long ago Anne and I had a lovely day with her friend Noelle who taught us how to hand piece a quilt.  I just managed a few samples, but Anne has finished with very special quilt.  It was her first attempt at any sort of quilting.  She has since done the beginners course at Patches with me and is now quite addicted.  On Sunday, I helped her  get it ready for machine quilting which she is also going to tackle for the first time.  We had a lovely afternoon chatting and pinning and planning our next projects.  Anne and I have shared some lovely times together since the birth of our sons 31 years ago.    Our boys..taken on the occassion of their 30th birthdays last year.

I am sure her dear mum will be just so surprised to receive such a beautiful gift.  And I am so looking forward to lots more quilting afternoons and chats with my very special friend.

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  1. My dear friend, How lovely to read and share your thoughts and photos. We have had quite a special journey together over the years since our boys were born a week apart and shared laughs, tears and many cups of tea...now you have introduced me to quilting, fabric collecting..what fun!!A,