Sunday, June 26, 2011

"When I'm Sixty-Four"

When I get older, losing my hair
Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine
 Birthday greetings, bottle of wine.

I was just turning 20 when this Beatles song was first released in June 1967.  Little did I know that when I did turn 64,  my much younger work colleagues would all be able to sing along with me to celebrate my birthday. To help with the celebrations, I provided the cake..a beautiful butter cake from the Shingle Inn.
My birthday celebrations (on the actual day - which was a Sunday) started with a yummy breakfast with my sister and family and ended with a long walk through Toohey Forest with Liam and Addy.  Roast lamb was on the menu for dinner and Liam had made a beautiful Italian dark cherry tart.  

These were the leftovers that I also took to share with my colleagues.  It had a lovely light texture and the perfect sweet with which to end my perfect Sunday.  To add to my delightful day, Shan and Nick skyped me from France..and you can see what they got up by checking out her blog.

But the celebrations have continued...and today I went with some friends to the Spirit House at Yandina for a sensational lunch.  We shared some entrees....this was the pork belly...

 And this is the pork belly..all gone:

 And the whole fish..bit gruesome for me but Tom said it was delicious.

June seems quite a popular month for birthdays amongst my friends and family..and my other Shannon (from my work) turned 30 a couple of weeks ago.  I knew she loves chocolate cake, so chocolate cake I made her.  This is a cake I have made lots of times from a very easy recipe which you might like to check out.   I doubled the recipe on this occassion and filled it with fresh cream with chocolate icing on the top.  Please excuse my dismal attempt at writing...won't be trying that again.


  1. Happy Birthday too you......

    It was also my little Sophie's fourth Birthday on friday.
    Glad you had a lovely day.


  2. happy birthday to you. sounds like you have very special family and friends to celebrate the whole weekend.


  3. What lovely birthday celebrations!
    I've printed off the cake recipe :-)