Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Granny's Orchids

My late mum (the Phil of the PhilandJack) would have turned 90 today.  She took great pride in her pot of orchids that sat beneath the large tree in her front yard.  The orchids always seemed to flower around her and Jack's (the Jack of the PhilandJack) birthdays.  I think the original orchid came from a neighbour..but that is a long time ago.  The orchids outgrew their pot and with great trepidation (and after reading hints of dividing orchids) I broke them up into smaller pots.  My sister has one, my brother has one, and now this one is for Bree.  I still have a big pot which is just about to flower.  Then it will be time to divide it up again for the other grandchildren.  

I hope it remains a living legacy of a much loved mum and grandma.

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  1. I don't even think Granny knew where the original one came from. And she certainly didn't know how to care for orchids. When the doctor came over he'd check on her and then go and check on the orchid! He was a big fan and used to give her orchid-growing tips.

    Happy Birthday Granny.