Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cambridge Tabbouli

Shannon loves the tabbouli I make which happens to be the recipe her Lebanese grandmother used to make.  The last time I was here, we bought the bulgur (cracked wheat) but I never got around to making the tabbouli.

This time, I was determined to do a big Lebanese cook up and Shan has invited some friends around to share the meal with us.

Nick and I did the shopping at Sainsbury's today I have had a glorious day in the kitchen.  It is really, really cold outside with some snow falling so welcomed an excuse not to venture out.

Now back to the tabbouli..I just happened to check the source of the all the simple products contained in recipe and I was amazed how far some of it has travelled to reach Sainsbury's shelves and finally into the tabbouli.  So here goes: 

  • Flat leaf parsley  -  Grown by P Langdale in Spain
  • Curley leaf parsley - Grown by J Porras in Spain
  • Spring Onions - Grown by Jesus Bustamante in Mexico
  • Mint - Grown by A Rachamin in Israel
  • Bulgar - (grower not named) but from Turkey
  • Lemons (grower not named) but from Spain
  • Olive Oil from Spain
  • Tomatoes from the Canary Islands
So truly an international dish.  But with the weather the UK has been experiencing of late, can't imagine anything could grow here in winter.

To enjoy with the tabbouli, I have made malfouf (cabbage rolls), kibbi, labnah, vine leaves.  I will also serve olives, fried hallloumi, falafel and Lebanese bread..and naturally some houmous. For sweets, we have a few Tunisian delicasies we bought in Paris and a home made middle eastern orange cake.   I hope everyone enjoys it and Shan doesn't eat all the tabbouli before they come!

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  1. Huhu just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it, gosh it is a small world, keep up your wonderful blog.

    Happy stitching

    ps. I hope you had not problems in the Floods..