Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Quirky Quilt

My friend, Nicole, is a self-taught quilter and has a real eye for quirky fabics.  I love having work colleagues to share my passion for quilting.  Nicole made this quilt for a housewarming gift - what a lovely surprise it will be for the lucky recipients.

The quality of the photos don't show the wonderful detail in the was the first time Nicole had used an Ipad for her photo shoots!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the quilter's rest

My friend Anne  and I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the quilter's rest on Sunday and Monday. Alan and Marion Lees run this marvellous facility on their stunning property, Tamalba, just outside of Kingaroy.  The purpose of our visit was for Anne to buy her new sewing machine.  Marion is a distributor for Phaff  and Anne couldn't resist this little beauty - an Expression 2.0.

Marion was an excellent tutor and it wasn't long before Anne was confidently working on her quilt.  The facilities at the quilter's rest are excellent..lots of big tables, great lighting and views over the property.  All very conducive to working on those unfinished projects...which is exactly what I did.   I have been working on a quilt for my nieces son, Guy.  It has been dragging on for quite a while so I took advantage of the large tables and got it pinned.

So I now have no excuse to get it finished.

There is also a shop on the property..which stocks everything a quilter could need.  I couldn't resist this cute little steam iron and ironing mat/cutting board.

 The shop is well stocked with a gorgeous range of fabrics.

It was a wonderful mini break made so enjoyable by the wonderful hospitality of Alan and Marion.  I can't wait to go back for a weekend retreat with my quilting/sewing friends.

Anne and I reluctantly left on Monday morning to return to work in Brisbane.

No visit to Kingaroy would be complete without a visit to the peanut van!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Granny's Orchids

My late mum (the Phil of the PhilandJack) would have turned 90 today.  She took great pride in her pot of orchids that sat beneath the large tree in her front yard.  The orchids always seemed to flower around her and Jack's (the Jack of the PhilandJack) birthdays.  I think the original orchid came from a neighbour..but that is a long time ago.  The orchids outgrew their pot and with great trepidation (and after reading hints of dividing orchids) I broke them up into smaller pots.  My sister has one, my brother has one, and now this one is for Bree.  I still have a big pot which is just about to flower.  Then it will be time to divide it up again for the other grandchildren.  

I hope it remains a living legacy of a much loved mum and grandma.