Monday, September 5, 2011

Presents for Shannon

I had an excellent flight to London..Business class to Hong Kong..then Premium Economy to London..Sort of spoils you for any future travel that I have to do in Economy. So lovely to be able to stretch out on the flat bed and go to sleep. The very efficient Heathrow Express took me to Paddington and after a short taxi ride, I checked into the New Linden Hotel . Then Shan and Nick turned up...excitement, tears, etc. etc. But I was able to give her the presents in the bag. Besides a skirt and a top from Metalicus, I had made her a cardigan. I loved making it...few challenges..few glasses of red wine..few Sundays sitting in front of the fire...but I did get it finished..and best of all she loved it.

I bought the wool and buttons from Tangled Yarns. Shannon has proudly worn the cardi..on our visit to to follow.