Sunday, July 17, 2011

Travel Plans Falling into Place

I decided today to try and finally sort out accommodation and train journeys for my forthcoming visit with Shannon and Nick. I'm not too adventurous (maybe I'm getting old) felt compelled to book trains and accommodation. Shan, Nick and I are all pretty easy about what we do on holidays, but all agree that it must be a 'holiday' as well and not just racing around 'ticking boxes'.

The internet, in one way, makes it easy to do your own travel plans..But on the other side, it provides way too many choices. There are a number of excellent websites that provide an incredible number of options. Most owners respond quickly and it doesn't take long before you find yourself chatting away with Fabio, Walter, Mario, William, Elizabeth, etc. etc.

So accommodation now booked in Spello, Umbria; Menaggio, Lake Como, Venice and Ghent.

After hours of research and emails with Shan, finally booked train tickets today..breathed a sigh of relief...thought I'd done pretty well...but then got an email saying train tickets not confirmed...seems some of the tickets (at the quoted prices) might not be available! Anyway, fingers crossed, all will be fine...and the tickets will arrive via trusty Australia Post before the end of the week.

Our Menaggio house (on Lake Como) was recommended by friends and it looks gorgeous. We've got the little house on the bridge.

In Spello, we are staying here: We have the flat with the terrace...

In Ghent we are staying on a boat: Bon Vivant on Travellerspoint.

Wonderful, hey..but how easy it would have been just to give dates, budget to the travel agent and let him/her take it from there. And we would have been happy with that.